Medium Scale Atmospheric Water Generator

The GEN-350G is a medium scale, and highly mobile water generator aimed for fast and easy usage at all weather conditions. Weighing 800kg, the GEN-350 can be easily mounted on a small truck or SUV, servicing water to remote, and difficult to access locations.

The GEN-350G includes the patented GENiusTM, the world’s most energy-efficient Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) module of its kind. It also has an integrated energy optimisation module, that constantly optimises water production in accordance to external atmospheric conditions (day-night, seasons, geographic location, altitude etc.).

The system has a built-in 200L water reservoir and a water treatment system, keeping the water fresh. The water can be dispensed directly from the system, either cold, or at ambient temperature.

GEN-350 Advantages

Generates over 600 liters of clean fresh water daily.

Plug and drink solution that needs only electricity to run and can be easily installed anywhere.

Integrated dispenser – cold or ambient.

Water Generation Efficiency: C2-4/liter or 220Wh/L.

At world standard conditions (27°C and 60% RH).

Complies with all required standards – World Health Organisation (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

GEN-350 Specifications

Water generation capacity: up to 650L/day (at world standard conditions)

Integrated water tank: 300L

Water purification: UV, Mineralization and Carbon filter

Power: 3-phase, 208/400 VAC, 60/50 Hz

Power consumption:  ~5.8KwH

Dimensions: (HxWxD): 1.58 x1.45×1.45 m

Weight: 800kg (empty)